The Top Health Aphrodisiac Foods to Make You Feel Sexy

A connection that you cannot miss:

Food and sex drive are interdependent on each other. I have read that the Indian encyclopedia on Sex called the Kama Sutra urges people to eat



Licorice and

Fleshy fruits to increase their sexual drive.

What do the modern experts have to say?

We checked with three hormone experts and were surprised to see that the lists which we asked them to create individually matched each other one hundred percent. And what do you think the six most aphrodisiac foods are according to these experts? Read on:


I have heard numerous jokes n this fruit for its phallic shape. But it seems that bananas may actually be the best aphrodisiac there is. It contains a hormone called the bromelain which is instrumental in increasing libido. Also, it has a host of other benefits chiefly amongst them is mood enhancing property. Hit the bed with a banana or two guys!


Ever wondered why newly-weds and people in a relationship love to pamper each other with chocolates? Well, it is scientific that the love drug or the chemical called phenylethylamine is present in chocolate which actually is the reason for the increase in dopamine and also transmitting signals to the brain when the body and mind are sexually stimulated. So, there you go, grab a bar of chocolate you two!


In Aztec, avocado means “testicle Tree”. Also, one of the experts drew my attention that the cut fruit resembles a womb. The pit in the middle of the fruit is the baby. The fruit is known to increase chances of reproduction by many folds. Today, dieticians always insist that avocados are included in the diet of a new mother to be or partners striving to become parents.

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