The Best DIY Gym Equipment Projects to Make at Home

The best thing to happen to all of us is to have a gym set up at home and then working out when you are a fitness freak. There are plenty of ideas that can be materialized without having to spend a huge amount of money. The Do it yourself thought immediately brings in those paintings and crochet work that comes with all the threads and needles, well a gym to be set up with is really interesting. Strength training, cardio and stretch exercises can be done with the help of your own imagination and of course, the internet has a lot of knows how.

  • strength training is all about pulling up, that can be done with a homemade pull bar, though it can be quiet intimidating to have all those heavy equipment
  • buying bells of different weight that you can endure, make a kettlebell with a T bar that can be procured for a bargain from the hardware shop, the unique shape of the kettlebell improves your cardio and flexibility to a great extent
  • sandbags are the best way to enhance the strength the inside of the sandbag shifts during movement that gives a more challenging task to achieve, the canvas laundry bag can work well, fill it up with sand, add a zipper and slam it around
  • medicine ball works well to strengthen the core muscles, just take an old basketball and drill in to fill sand and challenge your body, you can get the best tools from Sawinery for all the drills and making up your own gym
  • The incline bench is yet another useful equipment to keep your weight on track and fitness levels, it is challenging and the best way to self adjust and use them in your workout space.