How Safe Light Can Improve Family Health – A Complete Guide

The sad reality that faces us today even in the 21st century is that there are still several thousand households across the globe with no access to electricity. The lack of reliable lighting poses several health issues for these families starting from respiratory problems. According to WHO almost 3.8 million people die due to poor air quality, a major contributor to that being indoor fumes from kerosene lanterns and other biofuels in a confined environment.

IN a majority of the developing countries women and young children are the victims. Often times, they die of carbon monoxide, a byproduct of kerosene burning, poisoning. These fumes also lead to kidney damage and even cause conditions like vertigo and memory loss.

These lights can also cause poisoning if the liquid fuel is consumed by unsuspecting children or adults. There have been also incidents where individuals have got burnt.

The solution to this problem is cost-effective solar lighting. By turning towards the Sun for energy we can significantly reduce the health risks associated with biofuels. Solar lanterns can prove to be the solution to this problem. Just by reducing the dependency on liquid fuels we can hope to improve the health of communities at risk.

Solar lighting will bring down the indoor pollutants percentage drastically leading to overall health. The energy from the Sun is not dependent on power grids and cables. With the availability of affordable DIY solar panel kits, it is within the reach of the poorer strata of the society to look towards a better life free from pollution and other health hazards. Overall health will also lead to greater productivity and prosperity and a better standard of living.

climatecounts.org rates outdoor solar lights as the greatest invention of this century as these lights are affordable and can be game-changers in an otherwise bleak scenario.…