Does Your Health depend On Where You Live?

Health is wealth. The two things that our health depends on is – what we eat or do and what is the environment that we live in. The ‘environment’ part of this discussion is more important than the food you intake. For example, you live in a very polluted city where smog happens daily. But your everyday food includes full of proteins and nutrients. Your body will still end up in problems because of your body that is getting exposed to the intense pollution. Therefore, let’s see how our health depends upon where we live.

Dependence Of Health On The Geographical Location Of A Person

The Pollution

The environment status of where you live is very much important in maintaining your health. If you’re living in a place where there are a lot of chemical or plastic factories, you will be exposed to harmful gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, methane, benzene, chlorine, etc. These gases are really harmful, in the sense that it can really destroy your lungs or increase risks of heart attacks. You could continue to waste your time by twitter follower kaufen, but the main reason lies here and you should be well aware by now.

The Food

You could also say that, if a person lives in a place where there is full of fast food restaurants and junk food – the people living in that area will be most affected by obesity, high cholesterol, and thus can lead to faster heart attacks due to clogged arteries by the cholesterol. Thus, we can also see that the quality of food of the place that we may live in, also matters a lot.

The Accidents

It is very well known that, if a particular area is overpopulated, there are higher chances of road accidents. There are many places in the world where population grows higher even by daytime – due to the place being an Industrial or Information Technology sector. So, naturally, people would be commuting every day to work. And that itself leads to higher chances for accidents. More accidents lead to more deaths, and thus will surely change your mental and physical health.

Not to mention the noise pollution that is being created along with the accidents, which can make you vomit, feel nauseated, etc.…