7 Ways to Make Bread and Dough Part of a Healthy Diet

We all love having those sandwiches on the table because they are easy to prepare and taste delicious. Well, it is not the case for people on a diet because they are careful about the nutrition, and in sandwiches, it comes to zero. So here are the seven ways you can remember while making your next sandwich or bread or experiment with that dough.

#1 Take Care Of The Flour Type

The white bread is always made of refined flour using the yeast process and that is definitely not a healthy option. So always go with flours that are high in protein and fiber like wheat, rye or oatmeal.

#2 Go With Smarter Fillings

Once you have your whole wheat bread ready you can consume even more protein, fiber, and minerals. Think smart with fillings, fill up veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, some herbs before you gobble it up.

#3 Think Nutty And Seedy

Think about what you eat and mix up some nuts and seeds in bread dough. This way the bread packs you up with extra nutrition. These types of sandwiches or foods will be more filling. If you want to have a look at some best bread makers that produce the delicious taste ever then check this link http://del.icio.us.com/best-bread-machine/. I found this great bread machine here .

#4 Get Experimental With Bread

The imagination is endless when it comes to being creative with bread. To make a bread taste like heaven, you can add up some sprouts, coconut powder, boiled egg slices, and your favorite sauce on the top.

#5 Make Out Your Bagel

The possibilities have no limit when you want to experiment with the dough and especially if it is a healthy one. Just like the bagel that almost looks like a donut can be filled up in the middle with nutrition. You can go with salmon, tomato, onion, some additional healthy fillings, some cheese and serve it to you.

#6 Go With Corn &Broccoli Sandwich

Another alternative is to stuff your freshly made healthy sandwich with corn and broccoli. To add some more taste, fill up some mozzarella and gulp it up with the dips.

#7 Let It Be Thai

Similarly, you can fill up the sandwich with some grilled chicken, onions, and peppers and enjoy it with some Thai-themed sauce.



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