The Top Health Aphrodisiac Foods to Make You Feel Sexy

A connection that you cannot miss:

Food and sex drive are interdependent on each other. I have read that the Indian encyclopedia on Sex called the Kama Sutra urges people to eat



Licorice and

Fleshy fruits to increase their sexual drive.

What do the modern experts have to say?

We checked with three hormone experts and were surprised to see that the lists which we asked them to create individually matched each other one hundred percent. And what do you think the six most aphrodisiac foods are according to these experts? Read on:


I have heard numerous jokes n this fruit for its phallic shape. But it seems that bananas may actually be the best aphrodisiac there is. It contains a hormone called the bromelain which is instrumental in increasing libido. Also, it has a host of other benefits chiefly amongst them is mood enhancing property. Hit the bed with a banana or two guys!


Ever wondered why newly-weds and people in a relationship love to pamper each other with chocolates? Well, it is scientific that the love drug or the chemical called phenylethylamine is present in chocolate which actually is the reason for the increase in dopamine and also transmitting signals to the brain when the body and mind are sexually stimulated. So, there you go, grab a bar of chocolate you two!


In Aztec, avocado means “testicle Tree”. Also, one of the experts drew my attention that the cut fruit resembles a womb. The pit in the middle of the fruit is the baby. The fruit is known to increase chances of reproduction by many folds. Today, dieticians always insist that avocados are included in the diet of a new mother to be or partners striving to become parents.

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The Best Health and Wellness Tips for Winter

The cold climate and short days prompt some negative behavior patterns. People who are health conscious, exercise daily and eat healthy may wind up staying indoors, staring at the TV, and consuming low-quality food during the winter season. Health is vital during all phases of life around the year.

Here are a couple of wellness and health tips to enable you to remain healthy during winter.

Quality of Indoor air

Individuals often stay indoors when the temperature falls. Outside air quality is much better than the indoor air quality. The allergens and the pollutants can have an adverse effect on your wellbeing

Cleanse your hands

Winter is the season for influenza and colds. Washing hands thoroughly with antiseptic soaps would be the effective approach to stay germ-free and healthy.

Get your influenza shot

The most ideal approach to keep away from the influenza infection is by getting vaccinated. There’s a limit for washing hands, to stay secure it’s best to take a shot.

Practice good eating habits

Nourishing food offer solace while it’s chilly outside,  well that does not mean one cannot enjoy healthy food. A nutritious diet incorporates lots of vegetables and fruits, entire grains, lean protein and low-fat dairy produce.

Remain hydrated

Individuals usually don’t link dehydration to winters, whereas one gets dehydrated irrespective of the climate outside. A considerable amount of body fluids are lost during chilly months. Consume water and stay hydrated.

Remain dynamic

Is quite hard to have motivations for exercises amid wintery climate, yet grown-ups require at least 30 minutes of physical movement daily.

Visit your physician

The decisions you make add to the general wellbeing, yet you don’t have to go with the whole planning on your own. Verellenhc is easy to install and planning yearly visits with your physician and following their advice is essential to stay in good health and well-being.…


The Lipstick Benefits For Health And Wellness

If lipsticks could talk, they would tell the fascinating relationship that women have with their bodies, sexuality and beauty. The hues of lipstick are representational of emotional responses. The muted and nude shades are representative of calm and warmth. Whereas bright shades like orange or fuchsia convey bravery. The shades of plum make a look refined and professional. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to how lipsticks affect our health.

All makeup has numerous ingredients that can be dangerous to health. Let’s take the lipstick for instance. Ladies apply this cosmeticsfor the entire. It enhances the lips, makes it looks succulent, glossy and fuller. however, lipsticks are unsafe for your wellbeing. It has different synthetic substances that can be unsafe for the skin and body. Discover how lipsticks are hazardous for the wellbeing.

Lipsticks have lead

The majority of the marketed lipsticks contain lead. As a matter of fact, lead isn’t straightforwardly included as a fixing while making a lipstick. It’s in the colorant. Lead is an exceptionally toxic metal that can harm the body. In the event that a lady applies lipstick, it gets consumed by the skin of the lips and enter the circulatory system. The more she corrects, the more lead enters the body.

Lead influences the nerves. Abundance of lead in body can cause social and mind issues, bring down IQ levels, cause hormonal problems and in most pessimistic scenarios, prompts premature delivery and barrenness.


Many lipstick producers utilize petrochemicals that are noxious for the body.

Mineral oil

Numerous lipsticks have mineral oil that clogs skin pores. On the off chance that skin pores get obstructed, the lips will look dry and dried out.

Before you stuff your cheap gucci purse with all the new shades from your favorite brand, read the label for these harmful elements and go for the safer versions.…


7 Ways to Make Bread and Dough Part of a Healthy Diet

We all love having those sandwiches on the table because they are easy to prepare and taste delicious. Well, it is not the case for people on a diet because they are careful about the nutrition, and in sandwiches, it comes to zero. So here are the seven ways you can remember while making your next sandwich or bread or experiment with that dough.

#1 Take Care Of The Flour Type

The white bread is always made of refined flour using the yeast process and that is definitely not a healthy option. So always go with flours that are high in protein and fiber like wheat, rye or oatmeal.

#2 Go With Smarter Fillings

Once you have your whole wheat bread ready you can consume even more protein, fiber, and minerals. Think smart with fillings, fill up veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, some herbs before you gobble it up.

#3 Think Nutty And Seedy

Think about what you eat and mix up some nuts and seeds in bread dough. This way the bread packs you up with extra nutrition. These types of sandwiches or foods will be more filling. If you want to have a look at some best bread makers that produce the delicious taste ever then check this link http://del.icio.us.com/best-bread-machine/. I found this great bread machine here .

#4 Get Experimental With Bread

The imagination is endless when it comes to being creative with bread. To make a bread taste like heaven, you can add up some sprouts, coconut powder, boiled egg slices, and your favorite sauce on the top.

#5 Make Out Your Bagel

The possibilities have no limit when you want to experiment with the dough and especially if it is a healthy one. Just like the bagel that almost looks like a donut can be filled up in the middle with nutrition. You can go with salmon, tomato, onion, some additional healthy fillings, some cheese and serve it to you.

#6 Go With Corn &Broccoli Sandwich

Another alternative is to stuff your freshly made healthy sandwich with corn and broccoli. To add some more taste, fill up some mozzarella and gulp it up with the dips.

#7 Let It Be Thai

Similarly, you can fill up the sandwich with some grilled chicken, onions, and peppers and enjoy it with some Thai-themed sauce.



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